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White Clay

Best For: Sensitive Skin, Dry Skin, Inflammation, Acne, Exfoliation

Good For: Overall Skin Treatment, Skin Calming


What it is:  The White Clay Mask is also known as White Cosmetic Clay, China Clay or Kaolin Clay. The clay is white, mixes well with water and applies easily.  It's the favored type of clay in almost all dry cosmetics.  White Clay is high in calcium, silica, zinc and magnesium, which are beneficial for oily and blemished skin.


What it does: The high mineral content of White Clay rejuvenates the skin while the clay exfoliates and stimulates blood circulation to the skin. Regular use of clay facials will remove dead skin cells, improve circulation to the skin, remove debris from the pores and bring about a smooth healthy glow.  The clay's mildly drying and disinfectant properties help heal existing blemishes and inflammations, while preventing new ones from forming. It does not draw oils from the skin, so it can also be used on dry skin types without negative results.  When used as an exfoliation, the fine minerals gently lift the dead skin polishing the cells below. The velvet soft minerals combine easily with water or oils and apply quick and evenly. When combined with water, the mask dries opaque white. When used with oils, the mask holds the treatment against your skin but doesn't interfere with natural absorption of the treatment.


How to use: Just pour into the palm of your hand, add water a few drops at a time and mix with your finger until you get the desired consistency. Mineral free (distilled) water is best, then just apply to your skin.  Apply evenly for best results. If the mask is too thick, add a few drops of water, if the mask is too thin, simply add more clay.

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