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Illuminating Clay

Best For: Very Oily Skin, Acne, Spotting, Lightening Epidermal Layer

Good For: Evening Skin Tone, Evening Skin Color, Sun Spots, Blotchy Skin


What it is:  Illuminating Clay has a lightening and the evening skin tone ability and an oil absorption ability that is unmatched by other clay. This clay is high in Silica at around 70% typically. Silica has been regarded as nature‚Äôs building block and is our answer to healthier, younger looking, more radiant skin. This clay has the highest Silica content of any of our clays. This clay is also known as Oil Clay, Earth Clay and Whitening Clay.


What it does: Illuminating Clay has two unique abilities and benefits. The first is the ability to lighten and even skin tone, the second is the ability to draw oils out of the skin. We call it Illuminating Clay because of it's lightening abilities and smoothing skin tone. When applied as a spot treatment and used over time, it reduces the appearance or blemishes and scars, lightens beauty marks, moles and reduces the appearance of sun and age spots. This clay pulls oils from skin, so only recommended for oily skin and applied to oily areas. This clay is the first choice for Acne sufferers and has been very effective in controlling Acne.


How to use: As a spot treatment, this clay can be applied to the skin slightly thicker. This clay is very drying and can irritate normal skin. Removing this clay should be done gently, after all the clay is removed, pat your skin dry. For normal skin, apply your favorite toner or moisturizer immediately after removal. For more sensitive skin types, add Wyoming clay as a perfect compliment and to reduce the strength. Not recommended for dry skin.

Just pour into the palm of your hand, add water a few drops at a time and mix with your finger until you get the desired consistency. Mineral free (distilled) water is best, then just apply to your skin.  Apply evenly for best results. If the mask is too thick, add a few drops of water, if the mask is too thin, simply add more clay.

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